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Careers In Therapy

by | 17th, August 2006

YOUR celebrity credentials are looking good. You’ve been interviewed by OK!, done a stint on Celebrity Big Brother and your dog has been shortlisted for the British version of America’s Cutest Pup.

But there remains a gap. You have yet to enter rehab. And without therapy you cannot be taken to the hearts of the people who like nothing more than seeing a star on their downers getting back on their uppers.

Everyone who wants to be anyone does therapy. And if you have designs on living in the North London celebrity enclave of Primrose Hill and really belong you’d best get yourself checked in.

The Mirror lists the great and good from that locale who have found themselves feeling tired and emotional and in need to treatment.

Kate Moss has been to Arizona’s Meadows Clinic. Sadie Frost has attended AA meetings. Ex-Hollyoaks actress Davina Taylor has sought help for “depression”.

And now Meg Matthews, “troubled” ex-wife of Oasis droner-in-chief Noel Gallagher has checked into rehab to treat her “depression”.

Meg is trying out the Charter Nightingale Clinic in North London. She’s been there for 10 days. And when she leaves we would like to hear all about it.

The great problem with private clinics is that there is no league table. Anorak intends to put this right by making our own. We want the facts. Is there adequate car parking? How many other celebs were there? Can you get a group discounts if you’re in a band or clique?

Meg has already tested the Priory Clinic, where she was treated for “depression” in 2000. And we want to know how the Charter Nightingale compares.

And we’ll watch to see how her career develops – and thereby learn if therapy really works…

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