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The Other Woman

by | 22nd, August 2006

WHEN she discovered her boy was taking drugs, Jackie Doherty “wanted to be sick, to be deaf, to be struck down, to hold him, to cry out to God”.

If Jackie ever tires to being pop f***wit Pete Doherty’s long-suffering mum she should have a crack at being his lyricist.

Not that Pete needs help. Speaking in the Star for the “first time” about her wayward son (see the Times), Jackie recalls how he won a prize for “Cough, cough, cough”, a poem about smoking. She could never have believed he’d grow up to be smoker and a pop star. Who could?

Or believe that he would date a supermodel. As with every story on Pete, there must be a tale of Kate Moss, his paramour. And. as usual, the Sun carries one.

“SPOTS THE DIFFERENCE,” says the headline. “Why does Kate’s complexion change when she’s with Pete?” Readers might well expect to see a shot of a pastry looking single Kate alongside a picture of a loved up Kate with schoolgirlish rosy cheeks and eyes that sparkle.

But Kate seems to be a social chameleon. And while fresh and clean in the company of her mum and the world at large, with Pete she is grey and limp.

To illustrate this, the Sun produces no less than six pictures of Kate. And by way of an explanation, relates the potted history of Kate and Pete’s love life.

It is fascinating stuff, a story that never loses its sparkle no matter how many times we hear it. Unlike Kate…

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