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Pete Doherty Is Band

by | 24th, August 2006

LAYDEES and gent-all-men. Please give it up for the band.

On smack, Pete Do-her-ty! In need of a rest and feeling tired and emotional, The Darkness frontman Jus-tin Haw-knessss! And on cocaine it’s Keane lead vocalist Tom Cha-a-plin!

As the Sun reports, all three popstars are right now checking out the rooms at The Priory clinic and rest home for the weary celebrity.

And the bigger news is that the trio have struck up a relationship, bonding in group therapy classes. And they are writing music.

The Priory operates like a Big Brother-style celebrity workshop. And we the punters should be able to vote the players in and out.

And this band needs our help. We cannot help but notice that all three are singers, and while a cappella is due a comeback, some background noise is useful.

Sure, other patients at The Priory could moan like the finest Gregorian monks and so provide atmosphere, but we call for something a little more upbeat.

And wonder if alumni of The Priory, like Ronnie Wood (guitar), Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (nose flute) and the Marquess of Blandford (silver spoons) can be persuaded to re-enter the venue and give us the band we crave?

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