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by | 24th, August 2006

OK! W*****S! It’s the “FIRST” and “ONLY” interview with Peter Bennett, Big Brother’s latest winner.

There’s Pete on the cover. He’s wearing a black suit and seems to be preparing to slide his knotted tie up to his neck. It’s a black tie and the fear is that Pete – a Tourette’s sufferer – will spasm, bring the tie up in a violent jerk and choke himself.

This really could be Pete’s one and only interview. It’s a fear not helped by turning inside the magazine and seeing Pete up to his chest in water, still dressed in that sombre suit.

We should press on quickly. And looking at the introduction, we read: “Thirteen weeks ago, you probably would have walked past Big Brother’s Pete Bennett in the street without giving him a second look.”

Indeed. But you might not have looked because to acknowledge someone pulling “wacky” faces and shouting “w******” in the street is to encourage a conversation. And while we know Pete to be a nice young man, before his airing on BB many of us might have mistaken him for something else.

Pete is now a “national hero”, joining other national heroes like Lord Nelson, William Shakespeare and the guy who shouts at pigeons in Gladstone Park.

And like all true heroes, Pete cuts a tragic figure. Just get a load of this comment on his apparent paramour Big Brother double reject Nikkkkkkkki. “I think she got to realise something about herself,” says Pete. “She was like: What am I doing? I’ve been really shallow.’ After that she seemed to forget about all the footballers and Essex boys and money and stuff and started thinking a little deeper – and she really took to me.”

Pete says Nikkki’s epiphany occurred during their chats. But before Nikkkkkki left the Big Brother house for the first time, she and Pete were not an item. It was only after her first eviction she realised that favourite-to-win-£100,000-and-achieve-showbiz-fame-and-OK!-coverge Pete was the man for her.

So would Pete say he is in love with Nikki? “I love her to bits,” says Pete. But “her tantrums do make me back off”. So marriage is off? “Ooh Er…what!” says Pete. “I really like Nikki but I’m not sure about marriage.”

“Like”? Pete likes her! So much for being soul mates. “We could be great friends,” says Pete. That’s nice. But it’s not reason enough for this endless talk of true romance and Nikki’s reappearance in the Big Brother house.

Not that this love affair will last that long. After all, it’s Chantelle Houghton’s wedding next week…

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