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The Treatment’s Not Working

by | 25th, August 2006

“IF I hadn’t f***ed things up we’d be married by now. I thought you were going to leave me,” says Pete Doherty.

That’s Peter Doherty talking on the phone to Kate Moss. It’s a conversation a source in the Mirror calls “very lovey-dovey”.

Just as being called “W******!” by Big Brother winner Pete Bennett is now a term of endearment, being sworn at by your boyfriend is akin to being called a “sweet baboo”.

And while Pete and Kate exchange touching and tender “f*** yous” via satellite, the Sun sees Pete giving cocaine to a teenager.

This is the Sun’s front-page news. And when the story continues inside the paper, readers learn that Pete was spotted by a security guard at The Priory handing the drug to an inmate at the centre’s adolescent addiction unit.

The drugs were seized. And Pete was returned to his celebrity cell. Later he was brought before the clinic’s governor and told that if he re-offended he would be banned from “EVERY” Priory in the UK.

This would be novel. A drug addict banned from a place that specialises in curing drug addiction. Would not this be an admittance of failure by The Priory?

And a massive boon to the Doherty brand. No longer just pop’s premier f***wit and Kate Moss’s lover, we’d love Pete – the man who broke the therapy game.

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