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by | 29th, August 2006

IT’S Pete Doherty. And he’s got a syringe shaped like a guitar.

But before you impressionable kids dash out to get a customised syringe of your own, know that we are mistaken – it is a guitar.

And though a fretboard might make an ideal place to store syringes, know that Pete is using his guitar to play music on.

This is a change in focus for Pete, whose career to date seems to have consisted of taking drugs and dating a model.

But the Star has a picture of Pete standing in front of a microphone. And it says he is at a music festival.

Only we can’t hear the music. And while the Star says fans flocked to see Pete and his Babyshambles band play, the Mirror says he is under a 10pm to 8am curfew at The Priory clinic for tired and emotional celebrities.

This means that Pete is either playing music in daylight hours, a matinee show before the main event, standing in his bedroom dreaming of being an actual pop star or else listing to the Rolling Stones.

In which case Pete should look out for the quiet bits and seize his chance to help Mick with the words.

“Brown sugar how come you…”

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