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A Rock & A Hard Place

by | 30th, August 2006

THE highlighted hair. The tears. The big cars and bigger yachts. The signs were there. And now we know – David Beckham is having a mid-life crisis.

The Express’s Day & Night girls hear from a source who says Victoria Beckham fears Day-vid is going through a difficult period in his life.

“Victoria has told David she is his rock and as long as he has her, he need not feel bad, weepy, anxious or distressed,” says the source. Vicky is brunette butler Paul Burrell to David’s Princess Diana.

“David calls her ‘my powerhouse’,” continues the source. “They are going through a new romantic phase in her marriage.”

To many men approaching middle age and worried about the future, this romantic phase is known as “the guilts”, and comes after a previous romantic phase in which the man has romanced his secretary, PA or some insignificant and utterly meaningless other.

Not that Dave would cheat on his Posh, with whom he is “besotted”. Says the source: “He thinks she is the most beautiful sensual woman in the world and he loves her new hairdo.” What is beauty and sensuality without a choppy bob?

And it’s not just the way Posh does her hair that keeps her man happy. “David loves Robbie Williams and Victoria has started playing Robbie around the house, grabbing his hand and dancing with him whenever he’s gloomy.”

How envious other men must be. What better when the mood is dark than a blast of Let Me Entertain You and your significant other dragging you up for a boogie? It’s Mike Leigh’s Abigail’s Party made real.

Posh should be made available on the NHS. Who needs Prozac and Valium when you have Posh, Robbie Williams and a choppy bob?

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