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Getting The Horns

by | 1st, September 2006

“MICK’S girl makes a striking Viking,” says the Mail’s front page.

And there’s a picture of mo-del Elizabeth Jagger wearing a “Wagner-inspired” smock on her lithe body and a hat with horns on her head “at a jaunty angle”.

Like so many daughters of rich and famous men, Lizzie has inherited all her looks from her model mother. Lizzie has her mother Jerry Hall’s trademark mane of brown hair and refined rubber lips.

And she’s raising her hand as if making to cover the camera lens of the Star’s snapper. Ooops! Silly us. That’s not Elizabeth. That’s dad Mick, and he’s arriving at son James’s 21st birthday party at London club Hedges & Butler.

Mick has not dressed in a manner keeping with the party’s medieval theme. But his son James has. The Mail shows him dressed in orange leggings and a tunic.

James clutches an authentic medieval carrier bag and a packet of ye olde cigarettes tucked into his belt.

For your information, James is not in the music business. And he is not a model. James is training to be an actor in New York.

And should the part call for him to gyrate his hips, strut like a demented cockerel (see orange tights) and pout, we’re sure he will rise to the challenge…

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