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David And Victoria Beckham Are Expecting

by | 6th, September 2006

“EL partido con Atléti was mucho major para todos. Siete puntos es mucho mejor para jugadores.”

Who can forget the first words in Spanish littered by David Beckham? For those of you that have, that was them. Dave’s “The boys done good” marked a watershed moment.

Dave was now truly an international star. And if he learns to say “Buy my stuff” in Japanese and “Yo! Motherf******” in American, brand Beckham can conquer the globe. Dayve could go on to develop his own language, combining English with his foreign tongues, expanding on his Spanglish “was”.

But now we learn that so much promise has amounted to not very much. And the Mail reports that Day-vid has been lost in translation.

As he signed autographs at the Real Madrid training ground, Dave was approached by a journalist who asked him in Spanish: “Beckham, congratulations. Is it true that you’re going to be a father?”

Dave smiled “Si,” he replied. This, as the Mail informs its readers, is the Spanish for “yes”.

The reporter sensed a scoop.

Reporter: How are you?
Dayve: Very well
Reporter: And Victoria?
Dayve: Good thanks
Reporter: Would you prefer a boy or a girl
Dayve: Smiles but gives no answer

Cue a flurry of media activity. The Sun senses a “world exclusive”. The story is all over Spanish television.

But it was wrong. Well, that’s what Dayve says. “Blunderer” Day-vid has made an “el of a mistake” (Star).

What Dayve means to say when asked about his wife’s condition was “No”. But one man’s language is another man’s minefield and Dave said “Si” instead.

Vicky is not with child. As Dave says: “Victoria is not pregnant. It’s a mistake.”

But Gente, a celebrity TV show in Spain, knows better. “We stand by our story,” says a spokesman for the show. “We heard it from David himself that Victoria is pregnant. His representatives can say what they like.”

So there you have it. Victoria is and she isn’t. But we will know the truth soon enough when Vicky starts eating for two. Or, indeed, for one. Si?

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