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Jamie’s Dream

by | 7th, September 2006

OH look, it’s Jamie Oliver opening his mouth really wide and inviting us look inside.

It’s a pretty horrible picture of the celebrity chef enjoying himself at the GQ party. And one Mirror readers may find it hard to forgive.

And there’s Jamie in the Sun, holding a bottle of beer in each hand and leaning forward with his mouth agape.

Perhaps we should not be so quick to judge. Perhaps Jamie is doing some charity work, inviting punters to see if they can “Feed The Chef”, paying £1 a pop to lob bits of polenta into his gaping maw?

We don’t know. And Jamie fails to enlighten us in his piece in the Sun. “OUR FAVOURITE CHEF SHARES HIS VISION OF THE FUTURE,” says the Sun’s headline. “All kids must leave school able to cook,” says Jamie.

And that’s not graduates from cooking school but any school. Jamie has a “ten–year plan” to improve school dinners and education. Yes, a ten -year plan. Jamie is getting political. Might he be the new John Prescott, a man not averse to ten-year plans of his own?

Or what about Jamie as Martin Luther King. As we say, Jamie has a dream. “My dream is for our children to be able to cook THEIR children a lovely roast,” says Jamie, “not out of a box, but out of a butcher’s with fresh veggies and spuds.”

It’s a noble aim. But we wonder how it fits in with Jamie’s professional life as the celebrity face of a supermarket, purveyors of readymade meals.

Like Sainsbury’s Pork Somerset Brandy and Apples (with dextrose and xanthan gum), Sainsbury’s Steak & Kidney Casserole (with palm fat, dextrin and hydrogenated vegetable oil) and Sainsbury’s Just Cook Chicken Topped With Sausage & Bacon (with sodium metabisulphite, sodium ascorbate and tri-Phosphate).

Perhaps it’s reading that list of ingredients that’s caused Jamie’s mouth to hang open…

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