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Anderson Cooper is Live!

by | 7th, September 2006

WE can now go LIVE! to the scene of hurricane Katrina.

Anderson Cooper, son of Glo-Ri-A Van-Der-Bilt, she of the tight designer jeans and name that must forever be sung, is on the streets of New Orleans.

Looking into the camera, Anderson’s “icy-blue, imperturbable gaze” surveys the scene.

His appearance, “an aspect of worldly knowingness and inner calm”, belies a deeper turmoil. Anderson, the “young-but-silver-haired visage” senses something.

He feels the air. He clutches his microphone. He speaks. “It’s really blowing now!” he tells the watching millions.

Copper is vital viewing to fans of Anderson Copper 360 degrees, the show on CNN that’s as rounded as its host.

Having told viewers that the hurricane is windy, Anderson delivers more vital news from the scene. “I just don’t know how to describe it,” he says.

Come on, we say. Have a go. Pretend you’re a journalist and it is your job to use words to describe what you see. Or is just being live! at the scene enough?

Anderson recaptures his voice. As Hello! reports, Anderson begins to ask questions. “Politicians may be saying they’re doing everything they can. But is it really true?”

We don’t know. Tell us, Anderson. Tell us. “Is really everything being done?” We’ve no idea. Tell us Anderson. Tell us.

He doesn’t need to. Here comes Senator Mary Landrieu. She is praising the government for their sterling work in alleviating the disaster.

Anderson is roused. His eyes flash a still icier blue. “He says he’s seen dead bodies. He says people are “very angry and very frustrated”. And not just the ones waiting for answers to Anderson’s questions.

Anderson was “raw” with emotion. He “let emotion pass through the screen”. He was “reacting in a way any one of us might have”. His “poignant, intense emotion”, “honest humanity” and compassionate tone” set him apart.

He was an ordinary very rich guy with a great job in an extraordinary situation. He was journalist lost for words and raging against all and sundry.

He was Anderson Cooper. A man.

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