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Back On Track

by | 8th, September 2006

“PEOPLE keep asking when I’m having the next one,” says Victoria Beckham, “but it’s tricky having three young boys.”

Indeed it must be. And we wish Vicky well, and hope that she finds time to have a really big meal sometime soon.

Of course, Vicky is not talking about food but having another child. “I’m thinking next year would be a good time to try. I would like another one. (Really, she is not talking about a meal.)

And what better place to try for a baby than in the breeding ground the Mirror calls the “city of love”? Vicky and Day-vid are in Venice. And while we await the arrival of Rialto Beckham, the Star spots the couple taking a constitutional stroll around town.

But who is that scruffy type with Her Poshness? Why, it is Dayve. Who else would Vicky be holding hands with and allowing to fondle her backside – and in full view of the cameras?

It’s just that while Posh wears a trademark dress, Dayve is clad in a pair of dirty-looking jeans, a revolting grey shirt, a waistcoat and an oversize cap. As the Mail says, Dave looks not enough unlike Alan Hale, star of 1950s American TV series Casey Jones.

All aboard the Cannonball Express! David Beckham climbs in the cabin/ David Beckham orders in his hand. David Beckham leanin’ out the window taking a trip to the Promised Land.

And if Johnny Cash is not Dayve’s thing, nor the Grateful Dead’s paean to the engine driver (“Driving that train, high on cocaine, Casey Jones is ready, watch your speed”), he can always sing along with Posh as he builds up ahead of steam. And she has a new tune.

As the Star reveals: “POSH’S SECRET ALBUM – We reveal record that’s so bad SHE never wanted you to hear it.”

The songs are said to be especially terrible. And here comes Dave riding his railroad train, ready to run over the tracks. And towards his lover…

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