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Bakri To The Front

by | 11th, September 2006

IT looked promising.

Abu Abdullah, 42, had taken over from jailed Abu Hamza as head of the Supporters of Shariah focus group.

Abu’s credentials to be the new face of extreme Islam in the UK were strong.

This new Muslim fundamentalist was called Abu, maintaining a neat link with the past. He had a strange black beard, that was more chin strap than Edward Teach. And he said outrageous things – he called the 7/7 bombers “my honourable brothers in Islam”. He said: “If I had the means to go back there [Afghanistan] and kill an American or British soldier I would love to do so.”

But now Abu is under arrest, taken away on suspicion of involvement in terrorist recruiting. He and 13 others were arrested in a police swoop earlier in the month.

It looked good, but it might now come to nought. If Abu is jailed then who will be the lunatic, gurning face of Islamic extremism?

Where are the nutters when you need them? We only need one. Even the Sun can’t find one. So it looks to the past. And we see that Omar Bakri is back.

The original “mad mullah”, the “Tottenham Taliban”, is in the Sun telling us how “happy” he is that 14 British servicemen died in an aircraft accident.

From his new home in Lebanon, Bakri rants: “After those 14 brothers had been arrested, Allah allowed us to have 14 kuffars killed in Afghanistan.” He goes on: “Allah has his own soldiers and I was so happy. I was just thinking Allah.”

Good old, Omar. When the chips are down and nutters are thin on the ground, you can always bank on this loon to spout some nonsense.

It’s just a shame that the Sun has to search the internet for his thoughts, and can no longer just doorstep him or give him a call.

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