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Elizabeth Taylor’s Steve Irwin

by | 20th, September 2006

ARE we watching the beginnings of a macabre new trend?

When Shelley Winters died from heart failure on January 14, 2006, her passing was announced on the national news. A big moment. But when compared to the outpouring of emotion spent on Steve Irwin’s demise, double Oscar winner Winters went with a whimper.

So what will it be for Elizabeth Taylor, that other two-time Oscar winner? Will she do a Winters or an Irwin?

It’s the kind of dark thinking triggered by the Mail’s picture of the fabled actress being lowered into shark-infested waters.

“Bring on the sharks!” says the headline. And there is Taylor, equipped with snorkel and mask being gently dunked into the treacherous waters off the cost of Hawaii.

It looks to be all over for the screen legend. But she is not alone. Accompanied by guides at either side and protected from gnashing teeth by a 10ft by 6ft glass cage, Liz should be just fine. The obituary writers can stand down.

Unless a shark decides to jump…

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