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Mum’s Gone To La-La-Land

by | 22nd, September 2006

“I REMEMBER my mum and his mum holding me down and giving me Valium,” says Kerry Katona.

Kerry is reliving the moment she learned ex-husband Brian McPadding had cheated on her with a lap dancer on his stag night.

“It was awful,” says Kerry, no longer sedated. “I’ve never felt anything like it in my life.”
Indeed, Valium can be hard to take. As can other drugs.

Like the speed Kerry’s mum once gave her. Kerry was 14 and she and her mum were in the pub. Says Kerry: “I walked into the toilet and said: ‘What’s that Mum? She said it was sherbet and put a load of it in my mouth.”

And then there’s the alcohol dependency and the cocaine. “Normal Kerry would go out and feel that I couldn’t do anything and end up crying, then somebody would say: ‘Have some of this and you’ll be fine.”

So can it be the girl OK! calls “bubbly and outrageous” was just off her face on drugs? Are Kerry’s appearances on TV a long cry for help? Are there more addictives in Kerry than in the Iceland chickens and frozen ready meals she advertises?

Of course, to go with the drugs and the drink – Kerry has been diagnosed alcohol dependent – you need talent.

“Why don’t you get a proper nine-to-five job?” asked Brian in one heated phone call. “You’re a mother and you’re supposed to be at home.”

This as too much for Kerry to take. “But Brian I have career too,” she said. Indeed. And now she has a book…

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