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It’s A Craic-er

by | 26th, September 2006

“SO WHAT ARE THEY UP TO?” asks the Mirror on its front page, the question hanging beside a picture of Pete Doherty and Kate Moss in a clinch.

Inside the paper, we get to find out. And, as that lead picture suggests, Pete and Kate are clinching. Or frisking.

When they disengage, the Mirror’s man on the spot take another shot and captures Kate gazing up at Pete’s “ugly shiner”.

We don’t hear how Pete got his bruise. And while we guess, the Stars spots “BLACKEYED PETE” checking out of The Priory clinic and being driven over to Kate’s house.

And then the happy couple are off to Heathrow Airport, where they catch a jet to Ireland. But the Mirror is concerned. Says it: “Let’s hope the singer’s not going to Ireland just because he’s heard it’s a great place for the craic.”

That’s a joke – although not a craic-er.

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