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It’s Christmas Time

by | 27th, September 2006

“EVERY day is Christmas,” says the Express.

And so it is. Every day we fail to get what we really want, binge drink and wonder if it’s going to snow.

And over in St Austell, locals can look to the heavens and see “MERRY CHRISTMAS” written in the sky.

They can see stars, like the one that guided the three wise Santas to little Jermaine’s table all those years ago.

And the Christmas spirit is filling the people’s hearts with glee. “I think it’s absolutely ridiculous,” says grocery shop worker Shirley Johnston. “It makes St Austell look like a laughing stock.”

It is a certainly a place to put a cheer in even the stoniest heart. “A lot of residents won’t be happy about it,” says one local, joyously. “Summer hasn’t even ended.”

And it’s all thanks to one man. No, not Jesus. Not even Santa. It’s Chamber of Commerce chairman Paul Scott. He says that the decorations had to go up because the building where they were being stored is about to be demolished.

With nowhere else to put the lights, the decision was made to tie them to lampposts and place them on high. “As Chairman Scott explains: “They’re not doing anyone any harm. It saves you a job later, when the weather is more inclement.”

It’s too true. And we wonder about the dangers of playing with electricity when the winds are high and the pavements slippery with ice.

It is surely time to move Christmas to the warmer and wetter summer months. And while organising that, it might be an idea to get the gritting trucks out.

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