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Court In The Act

by | 28th, September 2006

“HOW can His Honour, unmasked in the sex, drugs and blackmail trial of his illegal-immigrant cleaner, keep his job…deciding immigration cases?”

That is what’s known as a rhetorical question, as the answer clearly lies in Judge Mohammed Ilyas Khan’s association with sex, drugs and the Mail’s front-page headline: “SHAMING OF A JUDGE.” And inside the Mail, there is talk of “home-made sex videos, cocaine, X-rated emails, adultery, a love triangle and ‘hot chilli stuff’…”

(In an email sent from Judge Khan to one Roselane Driza, and read aloud to an amused court, he wrote: “Anyway you are really chilli hot stuff and I love you very much.” He also called her a lovely shag.)

And we ask the Mail’s question in a spirit of genuine enquiry. If any readers care to make a fist at solving this problem we would like to hear from you. Although first you may care to be furnished with the facts, such as they are.

To begin at the end, Brazilian-born Driza is looking at a “substantial” jail sentence for her part in a plot to blackmail 60-year-old Judge Khan (Judge K).

He employed Driza while she was working here illegally. So too did Judge J, K’s ex-lover.

For added interest, Judge J was at the time of her relationship with Judge K seeing a Judge N. And that’s the Judge J who, as reported, appears with Judge K in a “blue movie” while “apparently high on drugs”.

And then there’s Driza’s ex-husband, Mane Driza. Although not involved in this case, the Mirror (“MARRIED TO THE MOB”) profiles the Albanian wanted in connection with the killing of his countryman Mone Bledar in London in 1999. It should not be hard to locate Mane because he is currently residing in a Sicilian jail, having been found guilty of murdering another two Albanians.

Back to the main plot. And Judge J sacks Driza. The cleaner, still sleeping with Judge K, who is also sleeping with Judge J, finds two tapes of Judge K sleeping with two different women, one an unnamed younger blonde, the other Judge J.

Driza writes a note to Jude J: “If you are prepared to compensate me for any loss of earnings and monies owed to me for holidays etc. I would be prepared to drop the case.” She is looking for £20,000. Driza also claims that Judge J knew she was working in Britain illegally.

Judge K and Judge J go to the police. And now you can read all about it on the Sun’s front page and beneath the headline: “TAKE ‘EM DOWN – Exposed: The Judge who bedded Brazilian cleaner.”

And there you have it. You are now free to deliberate the matter and return with an answer to our question: should Judge K be allowed to keep his job?

Answers in a plain brown envelope, and in code, to the usual address…

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