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Madonna’s Adopt Idol

by | 5th, October 2006

HOW did Madonna go about finding an African toddler to adopt?

The Mail leads with this news of the singer’s successful search for a child. A source tells the paper that Madge has flown to Malawi by private jet to “locate a suitable candidate”.

In Adopt Idol, the country’s many parentless children were whittled down to the last 12 orphans. Government spokeswoman Adriana Michiela says she and her team of orphan spotters visited four orphanages in the capital, Lilongwe. And using arcane and secret criteria made their selection.

The final dozen tots were presented to Madonna, who, as the Sun says, cast her expert eye over the brood. What Madonna, who has two children of her own, was looking for we can only guess at.

But surely she needed to consider the needs and welfare of her children, olive-skinned Lourdes, nine, and fairer skinned Rocco, five. This new child should not clash with them but extend the family rainbow. Something darker skinned perhaps or an Aryan child of German settler stock?

Whatever the child’s complexion, Madonna may have to leave her youngest in the country of his birth for 18 months. As the Mail says, under Malawi law, a person adopting a child has to stay with the child for 18 months while the parent’s suitability is assessed.

But Madonna is unprepared or unable to do for Malawi what Angelina Jolie has done for Namibia. So the boy will be placed in the care of the Network of Organisations for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children Madonna set up.

As reported, the Mail says that while at the centre, the boy will be taught a curriculum based on something called Spirituality for Kids. It is, as the Mail says it is, a programme of study linked to Madonna’s Kabbalah faith.

We note that the programme comes in three stages: Level 1: “Rules of the Game of Life”; Level 2: “The ‘Spiritual’ Detective: finding The Clues Within”; Level 3: “The Art of Problem Solving.”

The boy will then emerge, fully trained in how to succeed in life and not place too much on material things. Before he is despatched to live with his multi-millionaire American mother…

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