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Reality TV Contestants: Where Are They Now?

by | 6th, October 2006

WHEN in the fullness of time Anorak is called upon by Channel 4 to nod its head and deliver its verdict on The Top 100 Celebrities of 2006, we will hymn the names of Michelle Heaton and Andy Scott-Lee

Heaton, a reality TV show product, and Scott-Lee, repeatedly ahead of his time on a reality TV show contestant, epitomise what it is to be a celebrity.

When we see them in this week’s OK!, they are both dressed in orange, a colour that not only complements their tans but shows them to be bit above the norm, a bit special.

It’s Michelle and Andy’s joint stag and hen night. Michelle’s band mates from Liberty X are there. So too is Andy’s sister Lisa Scott-Lee. And her husband Johnny Shentell. He used to be in the reality TV band Hear’Say.

If Anorak is called upon to enter the debate ‘Reality TV Contestants: Where are they now?’ we can answer with no small degree of confidence that they are in Lucky Voice, “London’s swankiest Karaoke bar”.

OK! notes the “whole evening must have felt like something of a busman’s holiday” for most of the guests.

Karaoke – or to give it its professional term ‘Cover Versions’ – is what these guys do.

And OK! was there to see Michelle and Lisa join forces for a pastiche of the classic tune I Know Him So Well. Then Andy had trouble finding Take It Easy on the karaoke machine. You know, the mega hit from 3SL, the band made up of Steve Scott-Lee (vocals) Ant Scott-Lee (vocals) and
Andy Scott-Lee (vocals).

As a band 3SL were light on instruments but more than made up for it in the Scott-Lee vocals section. But Andy couldn’t find it and instead sang one of Liberty X’s hits (a band made up of FIVE vocalists).

With the singing in full swing, it was time for a little vibrato and the wedding planner to give all the girls a Playful Lady vibrator. And lacy knickers.

And two males strippers. “They were very good!” says Michelle. Adding, lest we doubt her: “But they were really, really good, even if they did leave grease marks on my dress.”

As OK! writes: “As the night came to an end, and emotional Michelle – her orange dress stained with stripper grease – staggered up the stairs and into the street in tears.”

It really was that good. Really, really, really…

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