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The Sting

by | 11th, October 2006

ONE problem with executing a sting on Italian politics is that the cast changes so often.

Over the last decade, the country has endured seven Prime Ministers. No sooner have the letterheads been ordered and the commemorative pasta baked than the new man is out.

Any sting would need to be quick and sharp.

And that’s just what the producers of Italian TV show Le Iene (The Hyenas) have pulled off.

As the great and good of Italian politics emerged from Parliament, the crew propositioned them. Would they like to say a few words on the country’s finances?

Of course they would. And one after another, the nodding heads said that in the whole and all things considered and being equal etcetera, Italian finances would be a good idea.

And as they offered their wise words, a make-up woman armed with swabs approached and soothed their brows. They would look cool and not in the least bit sweaty as they deliberated the issue.

Only, the make-up girl was in on the act. The swabs were saved and sent to forensics for testing. And the results suggest that at least one third of Italian politicians had taken drugs within the previous 36 hours. Of 50 deputies interviewed, 12 tested positive for cannabis and four for cocaine.

And now there is a row. Daniela Santanche, a Far Right deputy, refuses to accept that "one in three of my parliamentary colleagues is a drug user".

“Doing something like this, without the person concerned knowing, is unacceptable and a violation of the victim’s rights. I am speaking as someone who is totally against drugs," says she with no hint of irony.

And over on the left wing, Paolo Ferrero, the Communist Minister for Social Solidarity, says it is "common knowledge" that "many" Italian politicians took drugs.

And over past the far right of the far right and to the far left of the far left, Daniele Capezzone, leader of the Radical Party, says: I have always said that if a police dog sniffing for drugs were taken into certain political offices, first its nose would go crazy and then it would give up altogether".

But let us not be too hard. As we say, Italian politics moves a great pave; blink and you can miss it.

Might it be that when they might have taken drugs, these politicos were not elected representatives?

And we remind them that they should not chuck out their stash just yet. Today the Republic, tomorrow the dole office…

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