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One Sad Day

by | 13th, October 2006

IS it time we started to love Darren Day?

The man who’s been engaged more times than the toilet at a cystitis convention is broke. As the Sun reports, the “love-rat” has been declared bankrupt.

The performer, who once earned £1million a year, has swapped his home in urbane Hampstead for a life in a rented £200,000 semi in Grimethorpe, South Yorkshire. Darren now lives with actress Stephanie Dooley, who has just given birth to their child.

Darren, who walked out on Suzanne Shaw and the couple’s three-month-old child, offering the cheery farewell “I don’t do family”, is on his uppers.

Having spent £2million on cocaine, Darren has now sold the £800,000 home in Hertfordshire where he and aforesaid Suzanne lived and given his half to creditors.

Now with fiance number six, Darren hopes that he can revive his shattered career. His agent Paul Telford tells the Mail: “We are just trying to concentrate on rejuvenating his career.” So next year Darren is hoping to embark on a concert tour performing Barry Manilow songs.

Darren is at rock bottom and hacking away with a spade. Surely now is the time to support the man in his climb back to the top.

We at Anorak will be buying as many tickets as we can get to see Darren in concert, turned on to his hybrid Cliff Richard- Manilow magic.

And we urge all Darren’s fans and former one-true-loves to join us. Come on, Tracy Shaw. Let’s go, Isla Fisher. How’s about it, Anna Friel? What d’yer say, Adele Vellacott? Come on down, Suzanne Shaw.

See you at the stage door…

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