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Beckham & Holmes – Friends Of A Fashion

by | 17th, October 2006

THE generous-heels, the just-so brown bobbed hair and the interesting nose suggest Tom Cruise.

But when we look again we realise that it’s not Tom with Katie Holmes but Victoria Beckham. And that Katie and Vicky are at large, and not-so-large, in Paris.

“NEW BEST FRIENDS VICTORIA AND KATIE HOLMES TAKE PARIS BY STORM,” shouts the cover of Hello!. And there is a shot of Vicky in black and Katie in white and black out and about in gay Paris.

Inside, and there are more pictures of the A-list actress and the former Spice Girl. Katie turns to the camera. She has grace and stature. Eyes move towards her.

And then they fall upon Posh. Her hands are stuffed inside the pockets of her raincoat, her eyes hidden behind brown-tinted frames. She looks like Katie’s PA. Or as if she’s about to retrieve a pen and notebook from her pockets and ask Katie for her autograph.

And this is the thing with Posh, now friends to Katie and any number of other Hollywood stars – while the friendship elevates Posh’s status, what does she do for them? Score them better tickets at the football?

In one other shot, a scrum of photographers surrounds the pair but only Katie is visible, smiling broadly. Is Posh lost in the crowd, or else behind one of the cameras recording for posterity the moment she partied with a real star, or at least the wife of one?

And what occurred when they arrived to take their front-row seats at the Saint Laurent fashion show? Having arrived fashionably late, Posh and Vicky found that their seats had been given to Lenny Kravitz.

They waited for replacement seats to be found. And then what?

Did the celebs all shift up a bit to let Katie and Vicky squeeze in? Or did Vicky just sit at the end of the row glowering at Kravitz and imagining how much better the clothes on show looked when viewed square on?

And did she then wander over and asking the singer for his autograph…

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