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The Smoking (Class) Rooms

by | 19th, October 2006

“DEAR Sir,

Can Armani please be excused school today because lessons eat into his smoking time? His dad and me both agree that smoking is a key stage of his growing up and needs to encouraged. Thanks.”

And sir says “yes”. As the Star reports, a policy of smoking time has been introduced at Tinshill Learning Centre in Leeds.

To date, ten parents have sent in notes asking that their little darlings be allowed to smoke on the school premises.

As the paper says, the aim is “to stop rows between teachers, who aren’t allowed to light up, and puffing pupils”. If mum and dad say Armani and Brad can smoke at school, then that is fine.

The school deals with badly behaved pupils who have been expelled form some other seat of learning. Their smoking might just about be the only part of their schooling they excel at.

But not everyone is impressed by Angelina’s smoke rings. Laurie Herbert, advisor on health and safety matters to the National Union of Teachers, says: “We’re rather astounded…it’s a health concern for the pupils and it’s a passive smoking concern for staff who have to supervise them.”

It is hard not to pity the poor teacher as, fiddling with his multiple nicotine patches and chomping on nicotine gum, he looks on as his charges spark up a fag.

But no-one said teaching was easy. Sir will just have to get over it. Or puff away behind the bike sheds with the other teachers…

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