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Adopt A Madonna

by | 27th, October 2006

ANORAK’S plan to adopt Madonna is progressing well.

The American is adapting to life in London and she is beginning to consider herself part of the family.

But, sad to say, her actions have attracted the attentions of the local wooden tops. And in the Sun, we read: “Copper don’t preach.”

Detective Inspector John McFarlane is addressing a meeting of his peers. The subject is tackling street crime. There are reports that many gentleman in the Wandsworth area of London had had their pockets pinched for handkerchiefs.

Officers were discussing an Adopt-A-Robber scheme. DI McFarlane told the assembled policemen that it might be a better idea to get Madonna to adopt them all.

There was mush inhaling of breath. Not least of all from the officer who noted that Madonna’s adopted African son, the young David Banda, is black.

This colleague complained, saying DI McFarlane’s remarks implied all robbers must be black.

As they might all be 13-monmths old, African and in possession of a getaway vehicle shaped like a wooden rocking horse.

This will not do. A police insider tells the paper: “The DI was mortified when he was accused of racism.”

Indeed. Mortification may well be too good for such likes. And we urge other officers to take note.

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