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David Banda Leaves

by | 30th, October 2006

DAVID Banda has gone.

But before we scour the streets and gin houses of old London Town for news of Davie Twist, the Mirror announces: “DAVID ON TOUR.”

Davie has not been kidnapped. He’s been taken to New York. On an aeroplane.

Another day and another continent for young Twist, as Madge arrives in America for a series of TV interviews. The Mirror tells us that Madge will appear on the Today Show and later Regis & Kelly, a show ominously described as “the American version of Des and Mel”.

The paper also says that in the course of her tour, Madonna will be promoting her children’s book English Roses: Too Good To Be True, The Malawi Boy’s Progress.

All is going well for Madonna and young Davie Twist. But the Mail hears a “close friend” say that the adoption is putting pressure on the singer’s marriage to Guy Ritchie.

“She has been rowing non-stop with Guy over this whole issue,” says the source.

It seems that Guy is producing a documentary about Madonna’s time in Malawi. She wants it out there but he says it’s not ready. Guy’s in the workhouse.

But why worry? Come on, what harm has been done?

Cheer up. There is nothing like a song to lighten the mood. And while we await the movie of Desperately Seeking Approval and the safe return of Davie we sing:
You can go, but be back soon.
You can go, but while you’re working
This place, I’m pacing ’round
Until you’re home, safe and sound…”

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