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by | 31st, October 2006

MORE Royal news now as we learn that Prince William has lost his gun.

“Wills loses a machine gun,” says the Mail’s front page. And in case you happen along the lost firearm, the Mail produces a shot of William holding a gun believed to very much like the one he has lost. It is an L86 Light Support Weapon. It can fire 775 rounds a minute.

Many a brave and gallant soldier has lost a firearm in the white heat of battle. But we are more than little concerned to learn that Wills lost his gun “during firing practice”.

In an instant our mind transports us to the Royal Military Academy near Camberley, Surrey. We see the ranks of soldiers lined up to lay waste to the enemy. “Fire!” comes the order. “Bang!” screams William. Or “bang-bang-bang-bang etc”, what with his being a machine gun.

Of course, Wills may be lampooning the state of British Army munitions and supplies, to wit those non-firing guns.

But whatever his explanation, the Mail says the lost gun places in jeopardy Wills’ position as favourite to win the coveted Sword of Honour. It is awarded to the outstanding student, and though losing your gun is outstanding, it not outstanding in the right sort of way.

But Wills should not be too downhearted. As with the gun, he can imagine he has in his hand a silvery sword.

And he’ll run through any bugger who says otherwise…

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