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Posh’s Famine Relief

by | 1st, November 2006

“SO David, what about the stick after the Argentinian game?” “Oh,” says David Beckham, “she was fine with it.”

The Sun writes the jokes and we tell ‘em.

And the Sun also has a picture of Her Poshness, aka The Stick, being spooked by a person dressed as a ghoul.

Posh, who was, naturally, out shopping at the time, is believed to have looked at the monster’s head-to-toe black outfit and declared it a winning look and if available in a double zero size, she’d take it.

The creep moves off. And is replaced by Vicky’s sister Louise. The Sun looks on as Vicky buys outfits by Stella McCartney, Diana von Furstenberg and Christian Louboutin.

This is what the Star calls Posh’s “8-HOUR BENDER”, a lengthy jaunt during which she spent £25,000 on stuff.

It is, of course, vital that Posh’s movements are documented in print. With her recent trips to Japan, America and now London, husband David, back in Madrid, gets to see his wife every day. Such is the depth and breadth of their love.

And David can know that his wife paused for a glass of champagne in a shoe shop and looked at watches.

She also went into a branch of Oxfam. But after looking through the racks of second-hand clothes, the Star says she failed to make a purchase.

Not so, says the Sun. It claims that Her Poshness DID make a purchase in the charity shop. The Sun says Vicky invested £20 in an old dress.

Meanwhile, over in the Spanish capital, David scratches his head and wonders what to believe? And awaits Posh and the truth…

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