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Winning By A Head

by | 3rd, November 2006

AFTER a nerve-jarring period of quiet, the Sun reintroduces us to the Princess of Hearts, as active today as ever she was.

Looking dignified and not a little coy in a white headscarf, Diana is the “HEAD OF STATE”.

So too is Camilla, the women who has replaced Diana in Prince Charles’s bed in an official capacity.

Like Diana, Camilla wears a headscarf. “Echoes of Diana as Camilla dons scarf,” says the paper.

The paper looks on as Camilla pulls a scarf over her head as she visits a Sikh temple in Pakistan, Lahore’s Gurdwara Dera Sahib.

To her left is Charles, his grey suited topped off by a white topi hat, his shoulders draped in an orange scarf. And to Camilla’s right is the disembodied head of Diana.

The paper tells us that Diana (“who died in a 1997 car crash”) wore a similar headscarf to that now sported by Camilla. Ten years ago, Diana visited Lahore and put her hair in a scarf. It is strikingly familiar.

But what is new is the sight of Camilla, emerging from Lahore’s Badshahi Mosque.

Having looked over yet another religious shrine – no-one said life with Charles was all fun – Camilla emerges to reveal to the world her trousers tucked into her pop sock.

A wardrobe malfunction, as the Mail claims? Or a statement of intent that Camilla will be her own woman?

Did we ever see Diana with a trouser leg stuck into a sock, her blouse trapped in her knickers or a piece of used toilet paper stuck to the sole of her boot?

And if Diana did ever appear in such a fashion, why-oh-why haven’t we seen the pictures?

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