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Kate Moss Invades

by | 3rd, November 2006

“TO me, it’s baffling that someone who helps cause so much pain in Colombia is doing better then ever,” says Francisco Santos, Colombia’s vice president.

Indeed. Before Kate Moss was filmed in a London recording studio chopping lines of what might have been cocaine, Colombia was an innocent place.

Sure, Colombia was the world’s foremost cultivator of coca and coca derivatives, but the farmers and cartels had no more links with the trade in drugs than Wernher Von Braun could be blamed for where his World War 2 rockets came down.

Post-Kate, Colombia is embroiled in the trafficking of drugs. Large swathes of the countryside are under guerrilla influence

Kate has much to answer for. And Santos would like an apology. Says he: “I never once heard her says ‘I’m sorry’, when in Colombia people die every day because of cocaine consumption – that hurts.”

It is hard not to feel Senor Santos’ pain. What hopes have new incentives in agriculture and ten year integrated transport policies against the power of Kate Moss? None, we’d wager.

But Kate is too busy to say sorry. As the Mail reports, Kate Moss has been named Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards.

In the word’s of the starry event’s organiser, Kate is the “model who contributed most to the international fashion scene in the past year.”

No arguments with that. It is little over a year since we saw those pictures of Kate at play, and in that time she has become ubiquitous.

Not a day passes without another story of Kate’s model life. Whether she be wearing sunglasses, hiding her spots or triggering a civil war in Colombia, the papers keep us up to speed with Kate’s life.

* Anorak appeared on Sky News yesterday. We spoke of Kate. Colombia was not mentioned.

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