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Britney & Kevin’s Closing Number

by | 8th, November 2006

“YOU’RE useless – you’re nobody,” screams Britney Spears at her husband Kevin Federline, aka rapper K-Ferret.

The couple are in a nightclub to launch K-Ferret’s new album.

But this is no Fairy Tale of New York. K-Ferret and Britney are not performing a cover version of The Pogues’ and Kirsty McCall’s hit tune, serenading each other with barbs and brickbats.

This is a plain and simple row. Set it to music if you will. K-Ferret may well like to turn it into a ghetto rap: “Yo scumbag. Yo maggot. Yo cheap lousy faggott. I gonna plug yo ass!” But the words are delivered without musical accompaniment.

K-Ferret appears to get the message. As the Sun says, he is later spotted “in a corner, bawling his eyes out”.

It is clear to one and all that Britney and her man have irreconcilable differences. It is the words that appear on the divorce papers Britney has lodged with the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The sad news is that after marrying in September 2004 and conceiving two children, Britney and K-Ferret are to go their separate ways.

Indeed, having filed the divorce papers, the Mail says that Britney went on the David Letterman TV show to talk about her new hairstyle (a short blonde bob), making no mention of the possible split.

K-Ferret remained in New York, promoting his debut album, Playing with Fire (“So rich, that I tattoo the dice on my wrist, and my girl too, it’s no coincidence that SRT got all black tints”).

He then moved on to Toronto to promote his work some more. And he may need to do a lot more promoting if Britney gets her way and makes it so that each party in the divorce has to pay their own legal bills.

As the Mail says, it is believed a prenuptial agreement was signed before the couple married. This would limit any monies K-Ferret receives in a divorce settlement.

It might just be that K-Ferret is unable to live a post-Britney life of leisure and is forced to carry on doing what he does best, or performing.

See K-Ferret “burnin’ like a gas flame”, “America’s most hated”, his “ name spreadin’ faster than crack”.

Catch K-Ferret at the end of Bournemouth pier sometime soon…

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