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Britney & Kevin Get Dirty

by | 13th, November 2006

AS Hollywood rules dictate, after the wedding must come the divorce. And before the first kiss, there must be a pre-nuptial agreement signed by all parties and witness by Messers Skimpole & Gonif.

The Mail has seen this legal document, and notes that at the time of its signing in 2004, Britney expected to earn £75million over the next five years.

But Britney’s forecasts are off track, and her lawyers estimate that in the past two years she has lost between £10.5million and £24million of income.

How much, if any, of this reversal of fortunes can be attributed to her marriage to K-Ferret is a moot point.

And what of the rapping ferret? The Mirror spots him buying a pair of underpants in Walmart. K-Ferret is said to be touring in a ten-year-old van and staying in $60-a-night motels.

Readers learn that Kevin owes over $6,000 on his credit cards and pays child support to his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, mother of his four -year-old girl, Kori, and a two-year-old boy, Kaleb.

Kevin had best find money fast if he wants to maintain his luxurious lifestyle. Perhaps his singing career will take off. Perhaps he and his wealthy wife (estimated to be worth $65million) will patch things up. Perhaps he will grow wings and lay a golden egg.

Kevin needs a Plan B. And, as the Star reports, he may just have one.

It turns out that Kevin was so much in love and lust with Britney that he made tapes of them engaging in “sex acts”. Did Kevin plan to tune into these home videos when in later life he wanted to show his children how they were conceived? Why would any man film his wife cavorting about the place naked when he can see her in the flesh every day or watch one of her sticky-fingered music videos?

Such questions are for others to debate. All we can do is tell you that Kevin is thought to have been offered £26million for the footage.

As a source said to be close to Britney tells the paper: “Britney has contacted her lawyers to see how she can stop him but it is going to be a hard one.”

For now, we shall say no more…

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