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Britain’s Golden Melting Pot

by | 14th, November 2006

“COME TO BRITAIN AND GET RICH,” advertises the front page of the Express.

On the face of it, this is no little change of direction for the paper that has been warning of Rogarians at the gates for some time now.

Of course, telling Bulgarians and Romanians that the UK is a land paved in the finest oak-style laminate and gilded in gold-plated Argos jewellery might be a cunning ploy. Build up the expectations and when the immigrant sees the grimy streets and grey complexions, the Rogarian will be on the first lorry back home.

Just as the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia cried when they saw Israel was not a land flowing with milk and honey as the Bible brochure had promised, the Rogarians will weep as they dine al fresco on Tennessee Fried Pigeon and wash in a water-filled pothole in the road.

That’s the impression. The truth is somewhat different as the Express introduces its reader to a guide that tells Bulgarians how to get rich working here illegally.

The Express speaks of “new fears over national security” as it hears of illegal workers being employed on a site close to Aldgate Tube station in east London, “the scene of one of last year’s terror attacks in London last July.”

While we look back over events of that terrible day and see if any of the Muslim fundamentalist who murdered so many had ever been to Bulgaria or planned to create a new Sofia on the outskirts of Leeds, the Mail announces: “A third of people living in London were born abroad.”

Figures produced by the Government’s Office of National Statistics can be flawed, notes the Mail. So news that 31.1 per cent of Londoners were born overseas should not be taken as gospel. The Labour Force Survey, from which the headline figure emerges, might be wrong.

As the Mail says, around 53,000 homes are surveyed (what with statistics being as they are, the Mail cannot be certain how many) of which 5,000 are in London.

The results are then recorded and reviewed by the Government which then produces a document inviting foreigners to come to “Multicultural Britain – land of immigrants”.

The Star says just such a pamphlet has been produced by the Foreign Office and is being distributed by UK embassies.

So come one and come all. Come and get rich…

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