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Tom Cruise’s Collateral Damage

by | 14th, November 2006

WHAT’S that buzz you hear?

No, it’s not the noise of Tom Cruise’s spaceship preparing for lift off.

Nor is it the sound of Tom calling Armani and demanding to see the sketches of Katie’s wedding dress.

It’s the excitement surrounding the actor’s marriage to Katie Holmes.

And the Enquirer’s front-page news is: “TOM GOES BESERK…on eve of wedding.”


Sources say Tom went nuts while talking on phone in New York limo. Reacting to something he’d heard, Tom is said to have flipped out and punched a hole in the backseat with a pen.


Tom apologises. And was less than pleased when the diver asked him to pay for the damage there and then. The driver pulled over and refused to continue on Tom’s journey until the actor paid up.


Sergio Sanchez, of Partners Executive cars – a complementary pen with every booking – says he knows of the incident.

And “insider” tells the Enquirer: “Later we were joking with the chauffeur that he was lucky he didn’t end up like a character in the film Collateral.”

For those of you who have not seen a Tom Cruise film since Risky Business, in this movie, he plays a hitman who tries to kill a cab direr.

With a pen…

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