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Dolly-ed Up

by | 17th, November 2006

CAN you reuse body parts? Sure, you can transplant organs, but what about the other bits?

Anorak once took a trip to a crematorium and having been given the tour was invited to look at the remains after a burn.

On the floor of the incinerator was much dust, to be swept away. Among the dust were a few bones and some chunks of metal.

“Titanium,” said the worker knowingly. He then picked up a long bit and lobbed it into a biscuit tin where it clanged against assorted other metal bits. It would go to Holland to be cleaned and recycled.

But what of fleshier false parts, noses, chins, breasts and so forth. Do we have the technology to re-implant such items into the faces and chest of other celebrities or their fans?

We keep the question in mind as we look at the Enquirer’s side-by-side stories on Dolly Parton and Paula Abdul.

Parton is thin. An “eyewitness” to her thinness tells the Enquirer: “Dolly looked overly thin. Her face was thin, her cheeks were sunken and her legs looked like two matches. She’s just skin and bones.”

Of course, Dolly is so much more. She is skin, bones and implants.

And now to Paula Abdul. Not to long ago we were treated to a view of Abdul’s sunken chest. Against all the odds, and some would say nature, Abdul’s chest was concave in the centre.

That was then. Now readers are invited to study Abdul’s chest once more. Note the fullness. Heed the lack of dip. Has she had larger implants inserted?

And if so, surely the skin will only stretch further before falling back into old habits. We might be wrong, but we fear Paula will need bigger and bigger breasts as the years pass.

And one day she will need the ultimate breast package. She will need a pair of Dollys.

Like so much in life, it is matter of timing. Get it right and Abdul could be the new Dolly. Get it wrong and Dolly could be the new Paula…

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