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by | 21st, November 2006

DO you know the Polish for “Evening wing commander. In a hurry are we?”

If you do you could be a policeman. As the Express says: “NOW BRITAIN TO USE POLISH POLICE”. Britain’s thin blue line is to get a reddish tint.

Or it will do if Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom gets his way.

As Anorak readers know, Brunstrom of the Speed Camera writes a blog (“I’m sitting writing this on Sunday, after another whirlwind week. I was out every night last week except Friday. Luckily my wife is away sailing, because I wouldn’t see her even if she was here!).

And when he’s not writing about his wife and his evening out at the Wales Wildlife Crime Conference dinner in Swansea, Brunstrom is telling us that his North Wales police force is in need of Polish-speaking officers.

The thinking is that with so many Polish workers in the country, many of whom cannot speak English nor understand our customs, Polish officers can help to keep the peace.

This might seem like an entirely sensible move to many of us. But to Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch, it is “further indication of the huge strain on public resources that is being caused by mass migration into many areas of the country.”

Conservative MP Mike Penning talks of “common sense” giving way to “political correctness”. He says: “I know people who are desperate to get into the force and can’t even get an interview.”

We humbly suggest that Mr Penning’s associates learn to converse in Polish and thereby give themselves an edge.

But sure this is all about a county getting the police force it deserves. If, as the Express says, up to 10,000 Poles are working in factories in Wrexham alone then why not get their countrymen to help them settle in and stay on the right side of the law?

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