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by | 21st, November 2006

“I HAVE already got all sorts of prizes, but to be recognised for my humanitarian work is something else,” says Ricky Martin.

Hello! catches up with Ricky Martin in his impressively neat and tidy Miami mansion.

Everything about the place is just so. Granted it is rare that Hello! pops over for chat on a day when the maid is off and the toilet blow is pebble dashed with last night’s chicken fajita.

But Ricky’s is a home touched by a supernatural neatness.

The grass looks like it been dyed and styled with hair gel. The candles that sit within a feature-sized coffee-table-sized candlestick are burned down just to the right level. The tear is Ricky’s jeans appears as the product of a precision laser. His two dogs match.

But into so much order a little pitter-patter of chaos must some. Ricky says he wants to be a dad. Hello! says he’d like his own “biological” children and to adopt non-bilogical children

Ricky, who says protecting his privacy is “something instinctive to me”, sits back on his wooden sofa and says that when he looks in the mirror of a morning he thinks: “Where’s my coffee?”

But what about behind the coffee? What does he miss? What sacrifices have been made along the way? “The child in me,” says Ricky. “I left him behind. Completely abandoned him…These days, I try to do some of the things children do, to play every day.”

He goes on: “These days when I have to make a decision I think, ‘What would Ricky Martin the child do?’”

Tidy up, probably…

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