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Heather Mills In Pieces

by | 22nd, November 2006

Heather Mills Uncovered

MARRIAGE?” asks Heather Mills. “I’d rather someone chopped off all my limbs.”

Lest readers forget Heather Mills, the Mirror positions the woman on its front page.

Our divorce from the estranged Mrs Paul McCartney is not yet finalised and we still have to endure her presence at our breakfast table.

And that’s when she’s not popping up on the telly. As the Mirror tells us in “MAD MAC”, Heather has been on TV in America.

Appearing on the US show Extra, Heather says she’d rather someone came up and chopped off all her limbs than go through what she’d gone through with Paul.

And in case you still do not get the picture, Heather returns to her favourite theme: “When you’re vilified for doing nothing but falling in love with an icon – I’d rather have all my limbs cut off. That’s the God’s honest truth.”

Two mention of missing limbs in one interview is impressive even for Heather, who once removed her prosthetic leg and showed it on air to US chat show host Larry King.

And as we begin to reappraise Heather and see her as the damaged girl who dared to love, the Mail’s front page shows a picture of this tanned, smiling blonde and asks: “A gold digger? I was in love.”

“I didn’t marry for money. I was just madly in love with Paul, says Heather,” comes a second Mail headline.

The Mail has also seen Heather’s latest interview. It hears Heather say: “I’m a good mother. I’m a good person. I fell in love for the right reasons. I fell in love unconditionally.”

This is Heather on the offensive, vying to rebuild her “tarnished reputation”. She’s telling us what’s what. She fell in love for the right reasons, whatever they are.

“Eight-five per cent of my income goes to charity,” says she. “The word ‘gold-digger’ doesn’t go with that. If I was a gold digger, I would have a lot of money in my bank account. I’d be worth millions.”

And is this not Heather’s chance to redeem herself? Why not donate 85 per cent of any divorce settlement to charity? Come on, Paul, your heartless swine, have a heart. Give her the money.

Is it any wonder Heather reportedly turned down Paul’s insensitive offer of £30million? We appeal to his better nature. Give Heather £200million, Paul. Do the right thing.

Heather will surely give 85 per cent of this income to her pet Adopt-A-Minefield charity. Her generosity will prevent many people from stepping a landmine and losing a limb or four.

How will you feel, Paul, when they who you could have helped knock on your door…with their false leg…

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