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Flying In The Face Of Reason

by | 24th, November 2006

Nadia Eweida fights Britsh airways

LET Christians wear the cross,” decrees the front page of the Express.

And while we’re at it, let Sikhs wear turbans, Muslims sport veils and teenage girls called Armani carry about their person as much Argos gold jewellery as their necks, ears and nipples can support.

We should all be allowed to wear what we like. And if estranged British Airways check-in worker Nadia Eweida wants to wear her silver cross, the size of a 5p piece, on a necklace around her neck then so be it. The Express says we should let her.

But the airline says this cannot be. The Express say that BA has banned “visible Christian and Jewish symbols”.

The paper hears Commons Leader Jack Straw call the ban on wearing a cross or indeed a Star of David in private companies “wholly inexplicable”. He talks of “an issue of consistency”.

The Express agrees and notes that while Jews and Christians have their religious symbols banned Muslim are able to wear the headscarf. Indeed, the Mail has a picture of a colleague of Ms Eweida’s wearing a Muslim headdress as she checks in BA customers.

It is all so terrifically unfair, says the Mail. And the “chorus of outrage” is added to by thirteen Anglican bishops.

Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, says it “smacks of religious intolerance”. He continues: “This has turned into a very important and symbolic case and I think she is right to insist on the British tradition that we should be allowed to express ourselves visibly in public.” And that from a bearded man in a pink smock.

A moderator from the Church of Scotland has written to the chairman of BA requesting a meeting. The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, says BA is guilty of “flawed nonsense”. And Drexel Wellington Gomez, Archbishop of the West Indies, says: “The right to wear religious symbols is a basic human right.”

As the Mail solicits comment from a bishop in any place BA operates a service to, Geoff Want, BA’s Director of ground operations, says his company “might” change its policy. Although for now it holds firm.

And what of this policy? While the Mail hears Keiran McCaffey, of something called the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, speak of Britain’s “multicultural mess” and “hostility towards Christians and a fawning over Islam”, know that the BA policy is that its employees should not wear jewellery outside their clothes.

And her lies the possible solution. It is our suggestion that Mrs Eweida complies with the company rules and shows her faith by having a small tattoo, no larger than 5p piece, inked into her forehead or neck. Jewish staff may care to sew a Star of David onto their clothes.

This way everyone will be happy. And we will all know where we stand…

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