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Britney Spears & Paris Hilton At Large

by | 27th, November 2006

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton fall out  

FOR reasons too esoteric to fathom, Britney Spears appears on the Mirror’s cover clad in a green dress.

“What HAS happened to Britney?” asks the front-page headline. We barely know how to answer. But keen to find out we turn to the paper’s double page spread on Britney and make ready to learn.

In “Britney bounces back (and front!)”, the Mirror says that since her split from Kevin Federline, the star has been on a “wild two-week party”.

“For two years she virtually disappeared from public life,” says the Mirror, a clear reference to Britney’s fly-on-the-wall TV show, baby juggling antics in New York and experiments with junk food and baby seats.

Now, after the TV interviews, magazine covers and children, Britney is back. And just as we see more of her, there is more of her she wants us to see.

Over seven pictures, readers see Britney’s cleavage and knickers escaping from a series of idiosyncratic evening wear.

In one shot, the Mirror’s long lens of investigative reporting notes Britney is “apparently going commando” as she steps out with Paris Hilton.

The Mail has a picture of Britney and Paris together in Hollywood. The couple are holding hands. They wear complimentary dresses, Britney’s green, Paris’s red. They each wear a single fishnet stocking on their right leg.

They could be any number of girls on a nightly stroll by a truck stop on the outskirts of Budapest. The Star puts on its trucker’s hat and yells: “GET BRITS OUT FOR THE LADS.”

But Britney and Paris will do no such thing, at least not without the right motivation, or a home video camera…

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