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Jordan’s Big Secret

by | 6th, December 2006

"IT’S no secret that Katie and Peter Andre have been trying for a baby for some time," writes OK!. And not trying to adopt one like other celebrities, but actually tying to make one from bits of DNA, silcon, goo and egg.

And the result is that when pop acorn Pete met Katie and her gargantuan Jordans a baby was eventually made. It is OK!’s happy duty to tell the world that Jordan and Peter are expecting a photospread.

So, Jordan, how’s it going? "I don’t want to say too much because I’m not out of the woods," says she, "and I don’t want to jinx anythin, but I’m due next summer."

But if Jordan is superstitious about her bump and doesn’t want to say too much why is she talking about it at all, especially when there is so much else OK! could ask her about, like her breasts, Peter’s chest, and…did we mention the breasts?

"The reason we’re announcing it so early is I’m fed up with trying to hide it evey time I’m pregnant," says Jordan, who is photographed with a hand resting on her expanding tum-tum.

By our estimations, Jordan can be no more than two months gone. Given the shadow caused by her massive protuberances, it would be at least another three months before anything managed to grow in so much shade.

Jordan says she only found out about her pregnancy a week ago. "I knew something was up because I was feeling tired and sick," says Jordan. "For me," says Pete, with no hint of irony, "it was completely unexpected because she was acting no different to how she normlly acts."

Katie was "knackered", and not just from all that trying. Katie was tired from promoting she and Pete’s new album. And she was, of course, tired from her nascent pregnant.

And then there is the worry. You see Pete might not be an acron. He’s no shower, he’s a grower. Mighty oaks and all that. On the subejct of the danger of having sex, says Katie: "It’s not like he’s a party sausage. He’s an anaconda."

The man’s a snake? We only hope Pete sticks with Katie when the baby arrives. Hell, let’s hope he sticks to her…

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