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Rocky Horrors

by | 7th, December 2006

FORGET getting your two front teeth for Christmas. What you need is a new face.

The Mail invites its readers to take a long hard look at Lulu, the Sixties singer. For someone who has made a career out of shouting, Lulu is remarkably free of worry lines.

The Mail says that Lulu is a "botox veteran".

But before you dash out to buy mum a vial of neuro-toxin and invite her to pour it into the turkey baister and then inject the concotion into her aged head, the Express delivers a word of warning.
Well, its more of a picture than a word. Or two pictures. One picture is of Jackie Stallone, the woman whose face appears to grow before your very eyes. The other picture is of Jackie’s famous son, Sylvester Stallone. Both shots are overhung by the question: "Is Sylvester Stallone turning into his mum?"

The same question is posed by the Star. And looking at the pictures we must conclude that Sly is NOT turning into a woman who claims to be 73 years old.

But there are similarities between the two. We note the sloppy mouth, the paunchy face and the interestingly fibred hair.

As for the boobs, we will have to wait until Sly gets them out in his latest movies, Rocky Six and Rambo: The Serpent’s eye – althogh, like everything, that can be seen to with a quick procedure…

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