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by | 8th, December 2006

“DO you believe in urban myths and old wives’ tales?”

This question appears in the Express, a paper that talks of Rogarians under our beds and a squad of Cliff Richard fans being responsible for the death of Princess Diana.

So do you believe?

And would you believe us if we told you that you can knit a miniature version of your pet dog from its own hair?

It’s a new “craze”, says the Mail. There’s a picture of Roy Hattersley, former deputy leader of the Labour Party, with a little dog called Buster sat on his shoulder.

Hattersley says the thing is made from clippings and combings from his own dog, also called Buster.

But the word on the street is that this is not so and these whimsical creatures are the actual dogs that have been shrunk by an al-Qaeda terror cell operating out of Vauxhall Viva in Melton Mowbray.

Knowing that, can we believe TV presenter Emma Forbes, who lives with her children Lily and Sam and a shih-tzu called Alfi, or is that children Alfie and Sam and a pampered pet called Lily?

And what of the Mail’s own Quentin Letts, the precocious Harry Potter look-alike who poses for the camera with a mongrel called Cinders on his palm?

And what of the Mirror’s story that Darryl Bullock (yeah, right) and Mark Godfrey, a gay couple among the first to marry in Britain, are now the country’s first married gay couple to divorce?

“We were completely committed but things change in any relationship,” says Darryl.

Should we believe? Or is it all urban myth.

And what about the Sun’s story of a whirlwind in north-west London? It’s rubbish, isn’t it? Even they couldn’t make that one up…

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