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Sienna Miller’s Tale

by | 12th, December 2006

PROFESSIONAL girlfriend Sienna Miller looks thoughtful.

Many of you will be unaware that Jude Law’s ex is also an actress. Chances are that just as she can do thinking, she can turn her face to laughing, frowning and wondering.

For now, it is thoughtful. And with her face perched on the back of her hand Sienna prepares to tell the Mirror what is on her mind.

“I’ve learned not to rush things, to take things slowly and to follow my instincts,” says Sienna.

Sienna is speaking of her career as a girlfriend, which really took off when she followed up a fling with James Bond actor Daniel Craig to become Jude Law’s fulltime girlfriend, a role Sienna seems to have gained something from.

She says that she loves someone who makes her laugh. She says “friendship and laughter and trust” are the most important things in a relationship.

Perhaps it was the lack of one of these pillars of true love that caused she and Jude to split? We know of his dalliance with Daisy Wright, his children’s nanny.

Not that the Jude performance has put her off. He has just more finely tuned her girlfriend abilities.

Says Sienna: “I’ve always been a kind for relationship girl. I’m not sure why. It’s nice to be young and single as well but I’m more a relationship person. I like the company.” Ah, the actor and their company.

So Sienna is looking for her next move. The Mirror omits to mention any names. So we have taken the liberty of compiling a list to aid Sienna in her next career move.

And we begin with A. A is for Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon,
George Clooney…

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