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The Best In British Policing

by | 13th, December 2006

…in British policing.

Regular readers will know of my continuing quest for a job where I no longer have to meet the public or chase criminals across rough ground. A confidential informant sent me this email. Whoever sent it is doing the job I want:

Dear *********,

Y has signposted me in your direction, as the people who may be able to help me !!!

The force now has a Positive Action Recruitment officer, which is me!! This is a new post (which is at the moment running for a trial period of 6 months), which is aimed at encouraging ethnic minority groups to apply for the PCSO role (and PC at a later date). As you probably know there is a huge recruitment drive for PCSOs and I am trying to make sure minority groups are represented within the service. I am therefore particular (sic) keen to learn about the different groups and associations that exist across the BCU.

As this is a new role, and a completely new area of work to which I am use (sic) to, I was hoping I could meet with yourself or someone from your area (perhaps the NBM) sometime in the near future to discuss if any work has been carried out with regards to diversity and recruitment. I know that the ***** diversity unit for instance have (sic) already taken it upon themselves to help a Kurdish man with his application.

I was also hoping to talk about networks you may have with different communities in your BCU. I am a HQ resource, but I am keen to travel and meet people – especially individuals who are thinking about the role. If I am to reach all members of the community, I can not do it office based at HQ!! I therefore need some assistance with regards to contacts etc and I am happy to work alongside your NBMS and attend meetings as this may give me the opportunity to promote the organisation. There is no defined job description with regards to what I am doing at the moment, so any ideas for the way forward would definitely be taken onboard.

I am based in HQ and have dedicated Mondays and Fridays as my travelling/outreach days.

Look forward to hearing from you


Oh, the exclamation marks!!!! Oh the meetings!!! Resource, outreach, networks, signposting, it doesn’t get any better than this!!!

I only hope that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays aren’t dedicated to crime fighting, because that would really spoil it.

On a slightly different note, below is a picture of Della Cannings, North Yorkshire’s Chief Constable, fresh from her shower. She is standing next to an "outdoor area" at the Northallerton headquarters which has been designed for meetings outside, when it’s not raining.

I’m told it  [see picture] cost £7,500.

Banned in one more force then.

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