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Queen’s Nip & Ruck

by | 14th, December 2006

FOR days we have guessed.

Her Majesty the Queen’s hand is in plaster. Not a plaster of Paris but a sticking plaster.

For purposes of identification, the Sun shows Her Majesty using her plastered hand to issue a customary wave. The plaster is ringed by a vivid red circle.

And what caused this wound has been troubling us all. But now the “riddle” of the Queen’s plaster has been solved. And the Sun points the finger not at an injection of gin, a fashion accessory but towards one of the royal corgis.

The Queen has been “savaged” by one of her dogs.

And this is not the first time she has been so mistreated. The Sun recalls the incident in 1991 when in trying to stop a scrap between her charges she was bitten. Stitches were needed.

This time blood was once more drawn. So bad was the bite that Her Majesty required a tetanus jab to her person.

We send her our best wishes and urge her to get well soon. And to take care. Her Majesty is not getting any younger and may like to trade in her rampant dogs for something toothless, less threatening, more obsequious.

Or just go out walking with Prince Edward…

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