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Britney’s Old Tat

by | 21st, December 2006

BRITNEY Spears is busy, busy, busy.

When she is not drinking and being estranged from her husband, the rapping rodent Kevin Federline, she is getting a tattoo.

Never one to miss out on a celebrity happening, the Mirror zooms in on Britney as she waits to be inked.

The Mirror looks on as “she bites her nails”. It notes that the “body artist” is “burly”. The Devil Doll tattoo boutique in Los Angeles is abuzz with excitement and the sound of needles pushing ink into skin.

And this in not the first time Britney has been drawn on. As the Mirror notes, Britney has a “sexy” six-inch fairy tattoo on her bottom and a set of dice. All very tastefully done, of course.

Other artworks include a daisy tattoo on her right toe, a butterfly on her left foot and a Chinese symbol on her belly.

And this new tattoo? A set of angel wings on her back? A likeness of Colonel Sanders, purveyor of fried chicken, on her lips? The legend “I used to be Britney Spears” writ in day-glo pink on her forehead?

No. This tattoo is a star the size of a money spider on the joint betwixt right thump and index finger.

But why? What does it mean? Is the star a symbol of her failed marriage? In which case, shouldn’t there be two of them? Or is this star a sign of how Britney’s own star has fallen?

Or is it just Britney finding something to do and hoping the world will watch her doing it..?.

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