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Pete & Kate Thai The Knot

by | 2nd, January 2007

KATE Moss and Pete Doherty have said “High do”.

With 2007 in its infancy, the Sun draws readers’ attention to an early contender for celebrity wedding of the year.

Not for Pete and Kate so much meringue-style wedding dresses and his ‘n’ hers crabsticks. All these two lovebirds need to marry is a Thai priest, a Thai beach and a “bizarre Buddhist ceremony”.

The Sun sees flowers draped over Kate and Pete’s shoulders. Their hands are “cupped” in prayer. It is 1.30pm local time at the exclusive Amanpuri resort.

Bizarre? Potty? Or a “romantic beach ceremony in exotic Thailand”, as the Star says?

All we know for sure is that Kate and Pete “pledged lifetime allegiance to each other”. The do was watched by friends and family. The Sun says they “clapped” and “cheered”.

The Mirror has a picture of the event. Pete is wearing a jacket and shirt. On his head sits his trademark hat. On his face sits his trademark pasty look.

Kate is in a gown. She is barefoot. There is champagne. A bridesmaid is visible to her left in a sequinned dress. The Mirror says Kate wears flowers in her hair, although these are not in shot.

Such are the facts. And such is the news that Kate and Pete are not married, not really. The Mirror says the “bohemian” service may not be legal. It is “merely a symbolic gesture”.

Which all means that Pete and Kate can do it all over again, only properly. Next time they can get married in the pages of a glossy magazine, as tradition and normality dictate.

Look out for Kate in that expansive white dress and Pete dressed in a suit so shiny you could snort a line of cocaine on his lapel…

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