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I Knew You Were Paying

by | 3rd, January 2007

WERE you there? Not you. This question is addressed to George Michael.

We are informed of the effects of smoking cannabis on the short-term memory. And we wonder is George whatshisname, a notable puffer of weed, can recall how he came by £1.5million on New Year’s Eve.

To plug any possible vacancies in his memory, the Sun says that George was paid this money for singing at a party thrown by “controversial nickel magnate” Vladimir Potanin.

The Mail takes up the story, perhaps only confusing George further with its talk of his being paid £1,786,743.
And while George looks for the extra thousands, readers see him boarding a plane to Moscow. “I’m your man,” says the Mail’s headline as George sets foot on Russian soil. He is glowing with anticipation, and radiating something or other.

George is then whisked to Mr Potanin’s pile on the outskirts of Moscow. And, accompanied by partner Kenny Goss, a crew of 25 and 15 band members, he plays.

The gig lasts for just over an hour. George is paid in cash. He leaves the venue at 6am. He flies straight back to London.

He goes home. He sleeps. He wakes up surrounded by money, some of it in loose change. And he wonders.

Happy 2006, everyone!

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