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Beckhams: Leaning To Fly

by | 3rd, January 2007

ANOTHER day and another chance to see what David Beckham and Victoria have been up to.
The Sun operates as the Beckhams’ news agency, tracking each dinner, each outing and every one of Vicky’s changes of clothes with a rare dedication to duty.

Even with the Beckhams’ star on the wane, the Sun sticks by its showbiz pals with a perseverance not seen since Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf appeared before US tanks trundling into Baghdad to tell the world that his country was trouncing the invader.

Today the news is that Day-vid and Vicky are “indoor skydiving”.

The breathless story is that the Beckhams have paid £1,200 to hire the Airkix centre, Milton Keynes. There, with sons Brooklyn and Romeo in tow, they don flight suits.

They lie face down on tables – a posture beloved by many a footballer and his fragrant wife. They are learning how to freefall parachute.

Then, giddy with excitement, the four are led one at time to the wind tunnel. Standing above a gust of warm air produced by the Sun’s editor and another massive fan, each takes a turn to fly.

With the setting moved to light breeze, even Vicky is knocked off her dainty feet and sent high into air.

And there she remains, until she flutters down for dinner…

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